Sunday, November 2, 2008

A "normal" weekend

This was the first weekend which, except for Halloween, was fairly "normal" in that I didn't have any big trip or social event taking up the whole time. I actually had some free time, so I started seeing some of Cambridge. I visited the Fitzwilliam Museum, the biggest art gallery in town, which is beautiful and quite amazing for a town of this size, and then visited the grounds of Downing, Pembroke, and Peterhouse colleges. All of the old colleges are beautiful and you can spend a lot of time just seeing them because each has it's own beautiful architecture, lawns, chapen, hall, etc. It's pretty easy to fill a nice afternoon here just soaking up the Cambridge-ness. I also caught the new Bond movie "Quantom of Solace on Saturday night with some new friends here.

Sunday was Rugby training in the afternoon, followed by another Sunday night dinner with friends. We're building this thing, each week it's getting bigger and more elaborate, and we had some amazing food this week. That's me making spicy apple-cilantro-jalapeno salsa there. It killed.

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