Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exploring Cambridge

There's so much to see around Cambridge it's pretty easy to spend most of a Saturday with nice weather just checking out the various colleges. Today I visited Emmanuel college, one of the older and as it turned out, most beautiful ones. That's me on their modern art statue.

Here I am checking out their duck pond. They're famous for this. I guess when you have 30+ colleges the available quirks to be famous for are thinning out. But there are some carp in that pond that are probably a meter long.
Turns out not every college is so beautiful. This is, seriously, a dormitory at Christ's college. It looks like either a space station or a cruise ship from the 70's. The interior is just as bizarre. Christ's had some nice pieces but the fact that this thing was constructed is beyond belief.Finally there are some pretty unique specialty museums around town. This weapon is a harpoon cannon which Robert F. Scott's ship took to Antarctica. They have a little museum about polar exploration at the Scott Polar Research Institute. Turns out whales weren't Scott's biggest problem...

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Tristan Bhagwandin said...

Cool! How do you know that this was on Scott's ship? Did it say that somewhere. I can't seem to find info on this anywhere.