Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving doesn't exist in the UK in the slightest. I mentioned it to some of the rugby guys and they had literally never heard of it until one of them recalled an episode of Friends featuring the holiday. So needless to say I got no time off work. Still, though, I actually attended two thanksgivings: on Thanksgiving itself, the Master of Churchill college attended all of the American college members to a feast with the master. It was like most formal halls, only they did a decent job making Thanksgiving faire.

Then on Friday, about 20 students put on a potluck Thanksgiving together in our building. After the turkey came out of the oven, a few awkward exchanged occured before people realized nobody knew how to carve a turkey except for me. So the lone vegetarian came to the rescue and carved up the 10 kg turkey. The lone vegetarian also was then tempted to, once again, have some turkey on Thanksgiving. 

After dinner we headed to the MCR bar and caught a bit of the Cowboys game on TV. It was nice for the tradition. Made me miss home a bit, but it's nice to have such a great group here to celebrate with.

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