Thursday, November 13, 2008

Everything looks better in slow motion

Maybe the truest words ever spoken by Dave Chappelle. I think this shot is awesome. I just got a pass from the tackled guy on the ground in the pink and brown and I'm about to juke the guy in front of me and cut back across the field. As I remember it I had a nice run the other way after this, although in my typical style I ran about 80 yards and gained maybe 20. I've become known for this sort of thing.As seen I here I can gain the tough yards as well. Occasionally. Actually I didn't do much in this game, it was pretty rainy and muddy so the ball stayed near the forwards mostly, which was too bad since my friends came to watch. We did, however, win 12-10 on a try for 5 points as time expired, in an incredible ending.


MaidservantX said...

Just browsing blogs and came across yours.

Love that bottom pic. The overcast sky versus the very green of the field, the scattered gold of the leaves on the ground and the red and black of the uniforms.

Looks like it was a satisfying day, all in all.

chaosmonkey said...

so as i :D
grettings from the Baltic Ocean from Rostock, Germany. nice blog