Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History from Afar

It was easy to miss lots of the day-to-day nonsense of the election being in England, but the final night captivated the entire town, most students stayed up late to watch the returns and see Obama get elected. We watched from the Cambridge union, a packed house that was needless to say not exactly in McCain's target demographics, who were going crazy every time another state fell. I was very impressed with how well versed in US politics most of the British students are, better than the average American. There was lots of celebration on the streets as it was called.

It was surreal of course to see an American with such an incredible impact on Europeans (not just British, but foreigners here all are very impressed by him). Ironically it's McCain's line that sums it up best for me: Americans don't shy from history, the make it. Who knows how the presidency will go-I'm cautiously hopeful although I make a point not to really trust any politician. But sitting in my room thousands of miles away at 5 am, watching Obama speak and watching the crowds singing "Lift Every Voice," I was feeling pretty proud of America.

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