Thursday, November 12, 2009

Robbie in Cambridge

Special treat today as one of my best friends from home, Robbie Reid, came up to Cambridge from London on short notice. It's been a crazy week having just gotten back from Belgium and Russia, but Robbie's a good enough friend that I could always make time. We spent the morning walking around town and checking out some of the sights around Cambridge as seen above.

Then in the afternoon Robbie suited up and played rugby with me for Churchill. It was a slight bending of the rules of college membership, but it was a great experience to get to play together. I think Robbie captured the spirit of Sir Winston nicely enough that he should qualify for honorary college membership. He managed to score a try on English soil which was a great experience, though we lost the game at the very end on a tough break.

Cambridge is really a great spot to visit, I hope more old friends will get a chance to pass through while I'm here.

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