Sunday, October 5, 2008

A slight phone upgrade

I took the plunge and got an iPhone, figured it would be worth it since I'll be traveling/lost a lot, plus have a busy schedule, and I didn't have a music player. Needless to say it's a bit fancier than the phone I had for 5 years before now. They give away the phones free here but you have to sign up for a £45/month plan for 9 months, then £35/month for 9 more months. Overall actually about the same deal as in the US, which makes the phone relatively cheap here but still extremely overpriced.

Apparently you don't get free nights and weekends here, but incoming texts and calls are all free. Also probably works out about the same.

Anyway my new phone number is (044) 07590677117. The 044 is country code, the next huge block is the phone number including area code. The British don't subdivide it at all like in the US, they seem to just read it out as one huge block.

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