Monday, October 20, 2008

The drill for informals

One thing I've been pushing for and had some success so far is to get together with friends in a non-formal setting. So we've been trying to organize pot-luck style dinners at our building for the group of Gates scholars who live nearby, which fortunately is a nice little group. First effort, 12/10, above, we had 7 people eat, and we managed to have Korean tofu, lentils, mashed sweet potatoes, salad, and apple pie.

Second round, 19/10, we had 7 people again, this time with some pasta, garlic bread, roast vegetables, stew, couscous, and chocolate-marshmallow cookies. As I said, I'm hoping we can keep this up, maybe every week or every other week, because it's a lot of fun and not much work, and it's a nice break from the formals. We'll see how we do as the year goes on.

I like the formals okay, but for me, having a nice dinner with a small group of friends is about as good as it gets though.

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