Friday, October 3, 2008

Room switched

After talking to some other Gates scholars I realized my "historic" accommodation (above) was pretty run down by campus standards. They had to leave it standing and turn it into a student house by agreement when they built Churchill College in the 1960's. Anyway it's a really old building and I got one of the smallest rooms. Final straw was after getting back from the Gates retreat, extremely cold and tired, and having no hot water after 10 minutes of waiting.

Turned out to be incredibly easy to switch within the college, they charge weekly rent so you can switch as much as you like, and I happened to get the last spot in one the "Pepperpods." They are built like cubes and there are a few of them that look identical. Fortunately though they are fantastic on the inside, I now have a pretty spacious room with my own bathroom:

Also have five Gates scholars in the 10-room building, so it's a really lively place, couldn't be happier with the switch.

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