Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boat Cruise in London

The annual Gates Boat Cruise, down the Thames river in London. Ended up being an all day event, since I had to go shopping for clothes for it, and we left campus by bus at 4 PM. Turns out owning a tux isn't enough, you actually need a nice wool coat to wear over it. Actually this was a good thing because it was freezing cold.

Note my other new purchase, my college scarf. Again, with the pink and brown for Churchill College. I actually think it went quite nicely with the pink bowtie.

This picture is a bit deceiving, as by the time we finished dinner we had only 45 minutes of dancing time before heading back, just to get back by 2 AM. Of course this was followed up by some hot cocoa with some Gates people on campus, making it a total of over 12 hours of tuxedo time. If nothing else, the tuxedo fared fantastically in its first extended action. Also it was a pretty awesome event, I was at a table with 5 gates scholars I didn't know very well and as usual they all turned out to be very interesting.

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