Friday, July 3, 2009

St. Edmunds, Night Punting and Bridge Hopping

Interesting evening out. First went to a formal at St. Edmund's with my friend Garth. St. Edmund's one of the poorer (near-bankrupt) colleges so I was surprised at their fancy dining hall and quite formal dinner. The most interesting thing though was afterwards we took out a St. Edmund's punt on the river Cam. Punts are flat bottom boats that you push off the bottom with a pole instead of rowing. They don't go fast but are quite peaceful and there's so much beautiful scenery on the river by the old colleges it's more like an amusement park ride.

But the river was actually quite loud on this Friday night. There seemed to be a lot of people yelling at us from various drinking spots on the shore. For some reason I decided to try my hand at bridge hopping on one of the tougher bridges, the Darwin bridge. Bridge hopping means you jump off the punt while passing a bridge, grabbing onto the bridge and pulling yourself up, then jump back onto the punt from the other side.

I did this without too much grace in front of several bar patrons who were hoping I would fall into the water. They were disappointed when I managed to stay dry, but begrudgingly admitted it was still an entertaining site.

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