Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Happy 233rd birthday, America. I felt the need to write a blog post though the only thing we did was have a small barbecue and play all the songs in my friend's play list which had "America" in the title. It was a nice moment to stop and think about my views on country having lived abroad for nearly a year though. If anything, I think I appreciate some things about America, it is a beautiful place and in many ways the society is more the land of opportunity than anywhere else. But the political process is poisoned in a very specific way, the more news I read from home the less I want to read any more. I worry sometimes that America is losing its open-mindedness as it loses its dominance and hopelessly clinging to the past. It's nice to be away from all that for a bit. But I still think that in the end, it's an issue of America being the worst country out there, except for all the others. I'm excited to get back.

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