Saturday, April 11, 2009

England meets the Parents

Parents visited for this past week, arriving last Saturday and leaving this morning. On paper 7 days with the parents in town seemed like a lot of town, but we certainly kept busy.
We spent the first few days in London. Mostly I remember doing a lot of walking, such as above on the Millenium Bridge, but we also saw Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Number 10, Trafalgar, Hyde/Green/St. James Parks, St. Paul's, the Tower Bridge, etc. We spent a good deal of time each at the British Museum and the Tower of London, which were both phenomenal. Makes you realize how much history this country has, truly spectacular.

Next came three days in Cambridge. I thought this would be the more relaxing part of the trip, but I majorly underestimated the amount of things to do and see in Cambridge. We spent hours seeing the colleges, the old streets, the churches, and so on. We even caught a service at King's Chapel (above), and went out punting (also above, though you can't see us, we're on a boat). Parents also saw the Fitzwilliam and Botanic Gardens.
Of course, one of the major elements was just my parents wanting to know what life is like here for me, as parents like to know these things. As seen above, we made it to Churchill and also the Computer lab, and had dinner with a bunch of my friends one night and my research group the next night. The trip was a nice semi-break from work (though I still worked a decent amount), but also showed me how much this place has to offer, and reminded me to take advantage of it all while I'm here.

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