Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring Ball in February

Yesterday was Churchill's Spring Ball (or May Ball), although it was not in Spring or May, it was in February. Many colleges hold May Ball, which is kind of like a more grown-up and over-the-top prom. The basic premise is a black-tie evening with the entire college decorated for a theme, Churchill this year did 'Tokyo: The Neon Sunrise.' The colleges all compete to have the biggest and most expensive ball, which Churchill can't really compete in so we have the earliest instead.

Still it was awesome, one of the most fun big-event evening I can remember ever attending. There was tons of live music, lots of games like laser tag, sumo wrestling, a mind reader and other performers, and of course food. One interesting thing was Silent Disco, which is a room with many people dancing to different music via headphones (above). The effect is quite strange when you turn your headphones off.

Of course, probably the most unusual thing for Churchill was that we actually had lots of women show up. Probably figure since it's a male-heavy college it was a good event to go to. That's my game-theoretic explanation. Not sure if that's it, but I can rule out my vest as the reason women came...

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