Monday, February 2, 2009

The Great Blizzard of '09

The most snow fell in the UK in 18 years today, I was told. It wasn't much snow in the grand scheme of things but we did get a foot or so of nice powder in all-day snow fall.

I decided the bike was inoperable, so I walked to work, but it was well worth it. I brought the camera and was just snapping photos of everything, it was beautiful to see my surroundings coated in snow, like a whole new version of the world. Massive problems occurred as the roads aren't equipped for such a huge snowfall in one instance. So many departments shut down, we received an email recommending we leave before dark because the snowy roads weren't safe at night. I had plenty of fun though, making a snow angel for the first time in my life I believe. We also had a massive, semi-organized snowball fight and some more snow football.
Glad we enjoyed it, because it was mostly gone or turned to ice by the next day...

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