Thursday, January 29, 2009

I hope video doesn't kill me

I was on BBC Radio today. The program was called "Europe Today," and it was on BBC's worldwide station:

I went down to the local BBC station for good sound quality, which was interesting since most of the equipment in the little recording room I was in looked straight out of the 1950's:

The evening's topic was privacy for social networks, a topic I've been researching a lot recently, since today was Data Protection Day and an EU minister commented that young people don't know the risks of social networks. I felt comfortable enough going into it, it's an issue I know something about and thought I had some points to make, plus I had 3 pages of talking points.

Then I was told a few minutes before I went on the air that about 100 million people listen to the program. Gulp. Honestly I ended up being quite nervous and I didn't think it was my best showing. It's kind of a tough setup, in a little room talking to nobody, but I'll get better if I do this more often. Anyway, I posted the audio:

I definitely wasn't ready for the extremely small amount of time I would get, I had more points I would have made earlier if I knew I would get about 60 seconds to speak. Hopefully somebody heard me and was sufficiently scared to change their privacy settings.

And if nothing else, the host really pronounced my name correctly.

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