Sunday, June 14, 2009

Security and Human Behavior in Boston

Spent the last week in Boston, attending a conference on Security and Human Behavior at MIT. It was organized by my supervisor (Ross Anderson). The event brought together people from different fields studying security, deception, fraud, and conflict. There were philosophers, engineers, psychologists, and policymakers. It was a very innovative conference, both for being cross-disciplinary and that everybody's talk was limited to 10 minutes. I liked that, speakers rarely get across more than 10 minutes of info that anybody remembers.

I gave a brief talk on social networks. I was probably the most junior person there but I tried to soak it all in, I had some great chats during the breaks and meals. I also got one day to cruise around Boston, which I spent re-visiting the main sites downtown. The conference certainly got me excited about the breadth of topics in security and psychology going forward, but also made me realize I am new to the field and have a lot of work ahead of me.

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