Thursday, May 21, 2009

Media Blitz

So we ran a little experiment this past month about how long photos stay up on social networking sites. I posted the results on my group's research blog, turns out many sites don't delete photos after a month. Moderately interesting from a technical perspective, but given the involvement of privacy fears and social networks it blossomed into a huge news story that I wasn't fully expecting. I ended up spending much of the day responding to phone calls and giving interviews with journalists. Good articles were written up by BBC, Sky News, and The Guardian (more sensationalist versions appeared on some less well-known media outlets). I appeared on BBC Radio Scotland to discuss the matter. But the real highlight was doing a TV interview on Sky TV, the main satellite TV provider in the UK. They droveThe camera man was quite nice and we spent some time setting the shot up in the computer lab. Like all interviews, it felt brutally short and I wasn't sure on what level to be explaining things, but hopefully I got the message across. Unfortunately the interview was only for satellite subscribers so I don't have the video. But I have a picture of me in the truck:

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